1963 Redmen Marching Band season

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The 1963 Redmen Marching Band season was a season of the University of Massachusetts Redmen Marching Band. This season marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the University of Massachusetts and was the first year of John "JJ" Jenkins.


Hired following the departure of Joseph Contino, John Jenkins changed the style of the band's marching style from military step to chair step, which was the style used at his previous school, the University of Michigan. This change not only allowed for eight steps for every five years, but was introduced alongside new style changes and a transition to a more physical style, along with faster-paced performances. Furthermore, new musical arrangements by Jerry Bilik were introduced, along with band members saying "Say It With Music" when transitioning between formations during half-time performances.

In addition to the above, this marked the first year of Band Camp. According to alumni Bruce Cutter, this was accompanied by a rumor that the intense band practices sent more folks to the infirmary than the football team during their practices.





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