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Welcome to BandoWiki! Founded in 2010 by the UMass Band Alumni Network, this Wiki is built in the style of the much-better known Wikipedia. As such, we also aim to have standards on par with that website, in order to provide verifiable facts that can be used for future reference by succeeding generations.


Over the years, the band's history has been documented in various forms, often existing in the heads of alumni and members. Unfortunately, this creates issues with information being displaced over the years, or forgotten. As such, this site exists in partnership with Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites to help document the Minuteman Marching Band's history, and its relation to the University of Massachusetts and the surrounding region.


BandoWiki is YOUR resource. Please help us help you in recording history here.

A couple rules:

  • Everyone is welcome to participate. At the top of the page, please click the "Create account" link to get started.
  • While we embrace the Wiki ethos that our community will keep everything honest here, please be absolutely certain of facts before adding them here.
  • Feel free to format and improve the layout of content here (using MediaWiki and HTML best practices. We hope that a significant library is created!

Ideas to be Organized[edit]

  • Stories and remembrances of events
  • George N. Parks Drum Major Scholarship (calendar)

Getting started[edit]


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