List of Guard Units of the Minuteman Marching Band

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Below, is a List of Guard Units of the Minuteman Marching Band.


Colonial Honor Guard[edit]

The Colonial Honor Guard was created in 1994 as a ceremonial unit to present colors during pregame ceremonies, parades, commencements, and other functions. Dressed in period "Minuteman" style uniforms which are complete with muskets, powdered wigs, and tri-cornered hats. Serving a ceremonial role, the members of the guard do not speak outside of giving commands and march in military style.

Color Guard[edit]

Founded in 1986, the Minuteman Band's Color Guard hosts an annual non-competitive festival performance showcase for high school and college guard units. In 2011, Color in the Cage began an annual canned food drive for the Amherst Survival Center.

In the spring of 2014, a new Marching Color Guard Techniques class was created by current guard instructor Frederick Omega Pye and also taught by former instructor David Hautanen. A class performance was featured at Color in the Cage.



Spitfire, a competitive winter guard, was created in 1984 by colorguard instructor Joe Perednia. In 1985, the group won the National Judges Association Circuit in Wildwood, NJ. Spitfire was disbanded in 1990.


In 1946, a women's drill team was create to augment the marching band at a time when band membership was down due to World War II. Initially made up of 24 women, the drill team would become enormously popular, drawing over 200 auditions. The drill team was named the "Precisionettes" in 1953 and was a highlight of football halftime shows.

As the marching band grew, the Precisonettes were absorbed into the ROTC program in 1963, and were later disbanded in 1970.

UMass Rogues[edit]

The UMass Rogue Competitive Winter Guard was an organization created in 2013 that offered a competitive experience to those interested in winter guard. It was organized under the supervision of the campus Student Activities Office and aimed to compete on the NESBA circuit.